Tourism industry backs dry alice decision

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Tourism industry backs dry alice decision

The business, which has invested more than $2 billion in New South Wales, Victoria, Queensland and western Australia over the past two decades, would continue to benefit from the proposed GST repeal.

Giant Pacific Pty Ltd, which has about $2 billion of its money invested offshore, will invest about $12 billion in the new states through 2021.

“We have strong and clear market views and our decision has been based on evidence presented at today’s open meeting of the Australian Tourism Industry,” Big Pacific general manager for New South Wales Brett Brown said.

It also said the business’s investments in the renatyasastra.comgion had contributed $300 million to the GDP of NSW, $400 million more than it would have if the GST had been repealed.

“Giant Pacific’s investments in this area have contributed substantially to the growth and employment we create,” Brown said.

“Giant Pacific’s growth is fuelled by the growth of the tourism industry in New South Wales and Victoria and the continued and s바카라사이트trengthened engagement in this region by foreign visitors.”

The deal is the largest ever commercial agreement between two governments, with annual revenues of more than $600 million.

“This announcement by the state and territories is an important step forward towards resolving an important issue and we look forward to a productive and amicable resolution,” State Treasurer Eric Roozendaal said.

“The state government’s announcement also gives the industry the c바카라ertainty it needs with the potential to have its say in the discussion as to future GST laws.”

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