Australia japan pledge more cooperation at talks with the US (WSJ, 12/8/12)

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Australia japan pledge more cooperation at talks with the US (WSJ, 12/8/12)

Saudi Arabia announces a $110 billion investment program for water-dispute settlement (WSJ, 12/8/12)

Saudi Arabian Crown Prince and Interior Minister suggest Riyadh will support Israel’s nuclear weapon dismantlement (Reuters, 12/8/12)

U.S. State Department suspends cooperation with Iran due to ongoing civil unrest in Iran (Reuters, 12/8/12)

Iranian President says he wants to extend the country’s cooperation with the United States (Reuters, 12/8/12)

U.S. Senate says Iran shouljarvees.comd stop backing Syria’s Assad but agrees not to extend sanctions on Tehran (Reuters, 12/8/12)

December 6, 2012 (Bloomberg) — Russia’s oil minister said oil exporters would have to continue relying on Russian oil if oil markets remained tight, urging them to start paying for their oil바카라사이트 imports from Europe instead. In an interview with the daily Kommersant, deputy energy minister Alex우리카지노ander Novak said the market had moved away from the idea of global price ceilings and needed to make up for lost market share, adding it was time for producers to pay the price for the shortfall in supply, Reuters reported. He also said that Russia has to be ready to protect European supplies at the world’s price, Reuters added. Novak said a world-wide price ceiling was necessary to reduce the cost of imports from Europe and suggested that the government should raise taxes on consumers to fund budget deficits and to ease sanctions. (Reuters, 12/7/12)

Saudi Arabia calls on allies to join boycott of Israel (Reuters, 12/8/12)

November 23, 2012 (Associated Press) — Iraq has signed an agreement to lift economic sanctions on Iran that followed talks by Iraqi Foreign Minister Hayder al-Abadi with Iranian Ambassador to Iraq Agha Kannouchi in Baghdad, Iran’s state-owned Iranian news agency IRNA reported. (IRNA, 12/23/12)

JTA quotes Iranian Foreign Minister Abbas Araqchi as saying Iran is ready for talks with Washington on curbing its nuclear program. Abaychi said in the interview, published online Saturday, that he is in a position to meet with the White House, where Trump is set to take office in January, if the issue is brought up. (JTA, 12/23/12)

Honduras faces new crisis as

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